Are push-on water valves for real?

Part of finishing the master bathroom involved adding valves to the stubbed out pipes to supply the sinks with water. I fully expected to call the plumber for this one since it required soldering the valves with a blowtorch. It’s not hard to do soldering, but I prefer to go with the pros for that job. During a trip to the local home improvement store I noticed these valves that can be pushed onto the pipe with no soldering required. Is that for real? The reviews for this product were good, although there is a plastic version that had some complaints. I had to give them a try so I purchased the metal version.

Push-on water valves, no soldering needed!

Installation was very easy! First, shut off the main water valve. Open a faucet in the house (below the level of the pipe if possible) to drain out water and release the pressure. Place a bucket or pan under the pipe to catch any remaining water. Cut the pipe, leaving it as long as possible. The best option is to use a pipe cutter. Smooth out the cut edge, make sure the pipe surface is completely smooth from the cut edge to at least an inch back and push the valve onto the pipe. Then attach the supply lines to the sink. Turn the water back on and check for leaks.

An inexpensive pipe cutter costs about $6-$12.

Summary: I was impressed. Seems too good to be true! After 4 years, the 4 valves I installed have not leaked one drop. A couple hundred bucks saved!

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